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Funding Transformation

Recognizing the need for change, developing a plan for change, and gaining support for change are all necessary steps in a successful business transformation.  Necessary, but not sufficient.  An actionable business transformation plan, especially in the middle market, must also grapple, in the harsh glare of objectivity, with the cost of transformation and how best […]

Stakeholder Support

A business transformation presents an abundance of challenges for any leadership team, regardless of tolerance for conflict.  In the business press, financial issues often take center stage in reporting on a business transformation, and with good reason.  The task of systematically resetting the capital structure and profit potential of an enterprise is an enormous endeavor, […]

The Evanescence of Strategy

Every strategy has a sell-by date, and the costs of ignoring that reality are steep.  Recently General Electric took the radical step of terminating CEO and Chairman John Flannery after 13 months on the job (prior to this action GE had had a total of 11 CEOs and 10 Chairmen in its 126-year history) and […]

Distressed Retailers Groping for Viability

The challenges that retailers have faced in the past few years have been nearly biblical in size and scope. • The unstoppable rise of ecommerce, driven by voracious competitor Amazon, has siphoned revenue growth from competitors great and small, and forced every retailer to reassess their vulnerabilities and contingency plans. • Shifts in consumer tastes […]

Implementation: Big Data & Analytics Bottleneck

“In five years, inside the enterprise, analytics is just going to be called ‘management.’”  –        David Wagner, “Five Intuitive Predictions About Analytics” In recent years the explosion of big data and analytics tools has been truly inspiring.  Companies and academics are now able to mine data sets that are mind bogglingly large.  This wealth of […]